How To Install A Garbage Disposal In 10 Easy Steps. DIY Useful Guide.

by Shawn Anderson | Last Updated:  June 13, 2020
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Like any other piece of the typical home, the garbage disposal too wears out completely. If and when this happens, the disposal need to be replaced. See our top garbage disposal re​​views to decide what garbage disposal unit do you need. The same case applies to a situation in which you construct a home completely from scratch.

Many people choose to rely on qualified technicians to do this job. This costs them too much money and may often lead to unnecessary inconveniences. You do not want to be a part of this statistic. That is why you want to acquire the skills.

Our discussions hereunder endeavor to do just that. After scouring many sources, our team of topnotch researchers has come up with perhaps 10 of the most reliable steps to achieve this end.

Read through the explanations we have hereunder for the necessary inspiration. 

Tools And Materials Required

Step-By-Step Procedures

1. Prepare Appropriately For The Task

Definitely, you will have to prepare appropriately before setting out. You will first and foremost put on the necessary protective gears for the job. These include a pair of hand gloves, safety glasses, and an overall. They will shield your body from direct exposure to undesirable weather elements.

After shielding your body, move on to secure your work area. Let the other members of the family know about your intentions. Ask them to stay away from the work area and its environment throughout the entire duration of the job. Taking the above precautionary measure will limit the likelihoods of accidents arising.

You obviously do not want to jeopardize the lives and the well-being of the members of your household, do you? Finish off by assembling all the tools and materials you will need for the job. 

2. Switch Off The Power And Get Rid Of The Old Garbage Disposal

Having prepared appropriately for the job, you now have to switch off the power supply. This step ensures that you stay safe from any possibilities of electrocution and shocks. It also grants you the confidence you require to do a good job always.

Some circuits are hardwired directly to the wiring of the circuit. To switch them off, you might have to remove the fuse and turn off the breaker that feeds power to the unit. You will find this common in the older garbage disposal unit.

In the case of an old garbage disposal is already installed, this is the time to get rid of it. Exercise some caution as you go about this business. You might have to call in an expert to help you out if in doubt. 

3. Set Up The Mounting Ring And Drain Fitting

You now have to set up the mounting ring and drain fitting. Before embarking on this step, you will have to fix in place an assembly that is to hold the garbage disposal underneath the sink.

Move now to seal the opening of the sink. Do this by placing some bead of plumber’s putty that measures 1/2-inch-thick. Place it around the opening of the drain and from the inside of the sink.

Lastly, squeeze in the new disposal drain flange to the opening of the sink. After you are through with it, press the disposal firmly into the plumber’s putty. Slide the triangular attachment ring and fibrous gasket onto the drain fitting tailpiece. 

4. Make The Mounting Ring Assembly Tighter

You now have to make the mounting ring assembly tighter. Locate the three mounting screws. Rotate them in a clockwise direction and press them down at the same time. As you do so, apply some uniform pressure. You will find it necessary for better outcomes.

Tighten those screws until such a time that the drain flange is completely tight and against the bottom of the sink. Take note of the plumber’s putty. Be sure it is completely oozed out more so around the area of the drain opening.

Do not overtighten the joint though. You might end up squeezing out all the plumber’s putty. This will compromise the quality and reliability of the seal. Once you are done, wipe out excess putty using some clean rag. 

5. Attach The Power Cord Of The Garbage Disposal

Attach the power cord of the garbage disposal. To do this, first, remove the electrical plate which exists at the bottom of the disposal unit. This is to let you gain access to the socket and the plug. Take hold of the white lead which originates from the garbage to the disposal. Attach it to the power cord white wire.

Do the same to the black lead. Similarly, connect it to the black cord wire. Finally, attach the green ground lead too to the green ground wire. Conclude this step by connecting the wires to the electrical box of the garbage disposal.

After you are completely through, cover the plate you had removed earlier. Your electrical system is now properly done.

6. Connect The Dishwasher

This is an optional step. That is because not all households have a dishwasher. Further, some garbage disposals lack that ability to pair with the dishwasher. You, therefore, must confirm whether yours allows for such a connection or not before setting out.

To do this, find the dishwasher inlet. In most models, the inlet is located at the disposal chamber’s top. Knock out the plug using a screw and a hammer. After this, get rid of the knock-out plug which is right in the nipple dishwasher. Lastly, slot in your new dishwasher. 

7. Install The New Garbage Disposal

This is the crux of the installation exercise. It is at this stage that you mount the garbage disposal. You have to exercise some due diligence while at this.

Start off by bringing the garbage disposal into line with the top collar. Do the same to the three mounting ears which exist on your sink’s mounting assembly as well. Hold the disposer firmly in place. Rotate the top collar in the meantime.

See to it that the three mounting ears take on the mounting collar both of which are found at the bottom of the drain fitting.

8. Attach The Drain Lines

Time has now come to attach the drain lines. These are the ones that channel the wastewater away from the garbage disposal. Start off by fastening the rubber discharge tube to your garbage disposal unit. Use its screws and gaskets to do this. After this, position the garbage disposal in such a way as to align the discharge tube with the waste trap of the sink drain.

Turn it gently in the clockwise direction to let it achieve this feat. You may find it necessary to add some extension pieces or even shorten the pipes while at this. It is necessary to make these connections very tight. That is the only guarantee that they shall be proper.

Having done this, attach the dishwasher line. Slide the hose of the dishwasher into the disposal nipple. Finish off by securing it using a clamp that is supplied by the manufacturer. 

9. Lock The Entire Unit Firmly In Place

Fixing the garbage disposal in and of itself is not enough. You have to lock it firmly in place to achieve secure and reliable attachments. Tighten and rotate the cam collar which exists on the disposal.

Use a screwdriver or a special wrench to do this. Wait for that distinctive clicking sound. It is the one that signals that you have done a satisfactory job. You might have to add extra force every now and then till you hear it.

Take appropriate care though not to impose excessive force. You might pose some physical damages to the affected parts. 

10. Test The System For Any Leaks

You are now good to go! Before you go, you have to test the integrity of the installation exercise. This can only happen if you check for leaks in the system.

Go to your faucet and turn on the water. Run this water through the garbage disposal unit. As the water flows, check the various parts of the connection. Lookout for any leaks, no matter how minor they could be. Needless to say, you will have to re-tighten the system to take care of those leaks.

Finish off by plugging the disposal to the kitchen’s wall outlet. Turn the circuit power on while at this. Examine the motor while at the same time flushing the water and other organic materials down the drain. Make any changes if needed!


It goes without saying that gaining the necessary information in and of itself may not guarantee the required outcomes. You definitely want to go beyond that to implement the Information. That is the only way that you might gain from the same. To do so, we ask that you conduct mock installations every now and then. The benefits of having a garbage disposal are huge.

Make some makeshift garbage disposal and then use the steps above to ‘install it.’ This way, you will deepen your expertise and also identify any gaps which might exist in between. It is not uncommon to encounter some difficulties in the course of actualizing these steps. We are aware of that fact only too well. That is why we are always on standby to help.

Feel free to reach out to us if you happen to get stuck along the way. In case you have no immediate plans to implement these steps, we ask that you share this information with the others around you. You definitely want to assist many people to tackle this issue conveniently, don’t you?

What course of action do you intend to take? Have you really found our garbage disposal installation tips above helpful? Would you refer a friend or recommend them to our site? Let us hear from you.