How To Use A Garbage Disposal Wrench To Unjam Your Device At Home

by Shawn Anderson | Last Updated:  June 13, 2020
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Disposal of the home wastes are things you cannot fiddle with. They are potentially dangerous in the sense that they attract germs and other pathogens that have the ability to cause diseases.

You want to handle these disposal twin issues with the highest possible levels of caution. Here is our top 10 garbage disposal reviews if you need help in choosing the perfect one for you.

The garbage disposal wrench is an item you will find handy at such times and in handling such an issue. We have devoted the entire length and bottom of this article to discuss it. It is our hope that at the tail end of the article you will be able to appreciate disposal wrench better.

What Is A Garbage Disposal Wrench?

For a start, a garbage disposal wrench is a tool that you use to unjam the clogged garbage disposals sink. To do this, you turn the wrench back and forth to loosen the nuts and bolts that hold the various parts and components together. While at it, the actions also dislodge the clogs that stop the food disposal unit from operating.

Types Of Garbage Disposal Wrench

There are two main kinds of garbage disposal wrenches. We examine the two of them here below plus how they operate and are used. This is to grant you the insight you need to appreciate them better and even make good use of them if need be:

a) Allen Wrench

Also called a hex wrench, the Allen wrench is by far the most common disposal wrench available at the moment. It does find applicability in many other areas than that of unclogging the unit.

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Some of these extra uses of the Allen wrench include driving bolts and screws to fasten two or more materials as well as garburator repair.That sees it quite handy and profitable to make do with overall.

At its head is a hexagonal shape that fastens the various parts and components firmly in place. The head of the Allen wrench also minimizes fidgeting to make for good practices. It is mainly useful for your garbage disposal sink.

How To Use An Allen Wrench To Unclog A Garbage Disposal

Make sure to follow the procedures below to use the Allen Wrench to unjam your unit:

b) Garbage Disposal Wrench

Garburator not working? Unlike the garbage disposal wrench, this one is especially suited for garbage disposals. It lacks any other purpose besides this one.

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Though they are available in various models, they follow pretty much the same design. The wrenches all have handles, swivel heads, and shafts. Many modern versions of the wrench like the wrench insert are universal in the sense that they can be used to handle any trash disposal irrespective of the specifications thereof.

Their efficacy insofar as unjamming these disposals is so high. This is understandable because of the fact that they are exclusively suited for the job.

How To Use A Garbage Disposal Wrench

Make sure to follow the procedures below to use the garbage disposal wrench to unjam your unit:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a garbage disposal wrench?

This is a special kind of tool that is used to unclog a disposal unit. To do achieve this role, it turns the appliance to and from in order to get rid of any clogs that may hinder the same from functioning properly.

What size is a garbage disposal wrench?

Roughly 1/4 inch. This is the size that has been noted to work wonders when engaged and deployed for use. It also channels the efforts that are applied to the attainment of the necessary ends.

How do you use a garbage disposal wrench?

Follow these steps:
1. Identify the hex socket that is found at the center of the underside of the unit
2. Insert this hex wrench into the socket
3. Move the said wrench back and forth to unclog the jam

How do I unjam my garbage disposal?

These steps will make the job done: 1. Check out for any obstructions2. Loosen the jam appropriately3. Restore the power supply 4. Reset the disposal to the original settings 5. Test the disposal for functionality

Where is garbage disposal wrench located?

In most cases and homes, this wrench is found at the bottom of the sink or in the base of the cabinet. Some installations have it near the sink incinerator.


Well, knowing about the garbage disposal wrench and how to use them is not all. You want to get to the bottom of that principally by finding one for yourself and devoting the same to your use. How else can you achieve this save for visiting your nearest hardware shop and placing a suitable order?

Obviously, it goes without saying that you are not the only one who is desirous of these benefits and insights. For that, we challenge you now to consider sharing the insight as far wide as you possibly can manage. When do you plan to set out for the purchase of your disposal wrench? Kindly let us know on our contact page.