20 Amazing Easy Tips To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Smoothly.

by Shawn Anderson | Last Updated:  June 13, 2020
Garbage disposal maintenance

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Putting in place a garbage disposal is the first step towards leveraging its benefits. However, this is not all you have to do. It is important also that you maintain it from time to time for the sake of keeping it in a properly functioning state all the time.

It is obviously impossible for you to keep yours in a stable working condition without knowing how to go about the issue. The aim of our discussions here is to furnish you with the insight and techniques you need to achieve that very end.

That’s why, we are going to examine some of the top techniques to follow through.

20 Best Practices To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

There is no universal way of maintaining garbage disposal. It mainly entails adopting a couple of best practices. At the same time, there are quite a number of issues you have to stay away from if you hope to get the best outcomes.

In this segment of the discussion, we shall look into those things you have to do and similarly refrain from to keep your garbage disposal in the best shape and form.

1. Don’t Shred Larger Fruits

Never place large fruit wastes directly into the garbage disposal. The consequences of doing so are very obvious. These larger fruits will definitely clog the disposal and pose some damages to the grinding parts and components. Among these are the motor and the blades which are the core of the disposal.

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2. Grind Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are full of aroma. They are also soft enough shred when compared to other kinds of fruits. When you grind them continually on the disposal unit, you will get to combat the bad odor that generally arises when many food wastes are handled and crushed using the gadget.

3. Run Cold Water After A Disposal

Once you are through with your disposal, you are advised to run some cold water in the disposal. The aim of this step is to wash away all the residual debris and wastes. As a result of this, the disposal will stay clean and unclogged at all times of use. This procedure also prevents any foul odor from arising.

4. Operate The Garbage Disposal Regularly

It is important that you operate the garbage disposal on a regular basis. Even if you lack nothing substantial to run, you are advised to pour cold water in the system and operate the gadget a few times every now and then. This way, you will maintain the entire stature in proper working conditions.

Also, regular use prevents such issues as corrosion, clogs, and untimely breakdowns from arising. That is because when the parts rub against each other, they retain some robustness which is needed for the equipment to stay fully operational.

Though you need to operate it on a regular basis, you should be moderate in your use. Over-using this device will end up achieving the exact opposite end. It will definitely wear out the parts and pieces at rates that are faster than may be sustainable at any given time.

5. Use Plenty of Water

Using water in and of itself is not enough. It is important to use plenty of the same water. It is only by using plenty of water that all the debris and dirt, including those that are firmly hidden from view, maybe completely eliminated from the system. This should take no less than 10 seconds.

The water you use has to be completely clean and devoid of any impurities. Excessive use of impure water will yet again impose more or similar side effects. The impurities in the water will accumulate the clog the moving parts.

6. Sort Out The Fibrous And Hard Foods

Fibrous and hard foods bring about more or less similar side effects as the larger fruits we have talked about. They hardly break down to their finest particles. Also, they tend to clog the moving parts and components of the garbage disposal. This leads to the impediments of the smooth operations of the systems altogether.

7. Clean The System Thoroughly

After each use, and from time to time, you should clean the entire system. As you clean the system, be mindful of the buildup of sludge and other contaminants that do pile up in the course of use and operations. Use some baking powder or vinegar to neutralize the harsh chemicals.

8. Take Care Of Your Own Hands

As you engage the garbage disposal, take care that you do not imperil your own hands. Many people absent-mindedly place their hands in the system. If and when the wedged food is eliminated, the sudden release of tension may pose some injuries to you. Use pliers to engage the system for safe outcomes.

9. Refrain From Putting Wrong Objects In The Disposal

The garbage disposal is wholly intended to crush the food wastes alone. As such, you should use it for that very purpose alone. Never attempt to place, any other object than the food particles, in the gadget.

Examples of these are too hard objects like animal bones, grease, glass, metal, and plastics.

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10. Grind Ice Cubes From Time To Time

Ice cubes

Ice cubes furnish the system with cold water. We have already explained that cold water has the tendency to keep your system clean and completely purged of any debris which may clog it. Further, the ice cubes also sharpen the blades to make them better-placed to handle all trash.

11. Hand-Crank The Disposal

From time to time, you should also hand-crank the disposal. This is to break up the jams and clogs which arise in the course of use. You will find the Allen wrench quite handy for this role (see price on Amazon). That is because it has the ability to facilitate the cranking. It also spares you from the need to put in too much effort to do so.

12. Engage The Reset Button

In case your garbage disposal acts up i.e. fails to function appropriately, you may need to engage the reset button. This step will revert the settings of the disposal to the factory settings. In this way, it will give the disposal system an opportunity to start all over again.

13. Handle The Disposal With Great Caution

At all times of your use and engagement, you are required to exercise great caution. In particular, be very cautious when attempting to retrieve anything from the disposal.

Going too fast may injure your hands or even let it get clogged into the system. The last you would want to happen is to cause your hands to bleed.

14. Place The Food Wastes One At A Time

You are advised to place the food waste in the disposal one at a time, rather than all at once. Huge quantities of food do impede the smooth operations of the appliance. Also, it shortens the lifespan of the gadget chiefly by stressing the movable components thereof.

15. Inspect The Appliance Regularly

Do take some proactive approach while handling and engaging the equipment. One sure way of doing this is to inspect the appliance regularly. As you do so, anticipate any impending issue which might pose serious threats later on. This might require technical expertise. Do not shy away hence from brining an expert technician to help out.

16. Upgrade The Parts And Components

Manufacturers are constantly innovating. They often bring about newer and better accessories. You should be on the lookout for those new parts and accessories (find more on Amazon). If you come across any, do not hesitate to acquire and incorporate them into your system. That way, you will be able to extend the relevance of your product for a longer duration.

17. Replace The Motor And Power Supply System

The power supply system of the garbage disposal system is the one that bears much of the brunt when it comes to using. For this reason, it is important that you replace the motor and the power supply system from time to time. You should seek only those that are the latest on the market at any given time.

18. Keep Off Harsh Chemicals

Extremely harsh chemicals have the impacts of corroding the metallic components of the garbage disposals. They may also react adversely to impose on you the issues of skin burns and other unwanted health problems. It is certain in your best interest to keep them off your garbage disposal as much as possible.

19. Work On The Wiring

Like any other part and component of the garbage disposal, the wiring will also develop some faults. It is necessary that you keep an eye on the wiring too.

Take time to study and scrutinize the wiring to ensure that it is in proper working condition. In case you observe a fault, do not attempt to sort it out on your own. Instead, call in an electrician to offer the needed support.

20. Be Mindful Of The Carrying Capacity

Garbage disposals come in various sizes. These differences determine the amount of garbage they may handle at any given time. It is important yet again to be mindful of the carrying capacity of the one you pick and use.

Take care that you do not exceed the rating as this might overload the system. Prolonged overloading is definitely bad as it might break the disposal down prematurely.


Maintaining garbage disposal is indeed a crucial step in so far as leveraging the benefits it brings about is concerned. Indeed, by keeping your disposal in the best working conditions all the time, you also get to uphold your own safety and well-being. That is why you have to prioritize the safety procedures we have outlined above.

Some of the steps we have mentioned above are too complicated for an ordinary homeowner to undertake. You will have to bring in an expert to help with the same. It is because of this that we suggest that you bring in a plumber to inspect your premises once or twice a year.

By far the best way to go about this issue is to adopt a proactive approach, as we have already stated. This means inspecting the system beforehand and anticipating any emergent issues before the same happens. That gives you the psychological preparedness to handle the issues if and when they arise.

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