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Hello, I’m very glad you’ve stopped by!

I am Shawn, a pretty good handyman and also the founder of this website.

My goal for this website is to share different guides, tips and reviews of various garbage disposals and not only. These can be for a small or big family, small or huge kitchen – we’ve got them all.

I would like to mention that my reviews are personal, detailed, honest and the information you find here is gathered from trusted sources. Here, you will also find various how-to articles like, how to install a garbage disposal and different real-life tips and practical hacks saving you a very good amount of your precious time.

Shawn Anderson

You can also find different buying guides to help you choose your best garbage disposal much faster and stress free.

If you need any kind of help or need any advice related to garbage disposals, you can contact us through the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.Best of luck,Shawn, founder of DisposeTheGarbage.com

Shawn Anderson