Do You Need A Dishwasher With A Garbage Disposal?

by Shawn Anderson | Last Updated:  June 13, 2020

Is A Garbage Disposal Necessary For A Dishwasher? DoYou Need A Disposal Unit In Your Kitchen?

Dishwasher and garbage disposal need

When installing the plumbing of your home, you have two main options. One, you may install a garbage disposal with the dishwasher. Alternatively, you may opt to forgot the garbage disposal altogether. But what really is the better option? Could it be that it makes no difference between installing or not installing a garbage disposal?

Well, we are here to answer that very question. To do this, we shall look into the benefits of installing a garbage disposal. We shall then pose to ask whether in your opinion this accessory is important or relevant or not. This is in line with our own commitment to making homes more livable.

Do You Need A Dishwasher With A Garbage Disposal?

Before we may even answer that question, it is important to know what exactly a garbage disposal is. Well, the garbage disposal is a device that is attached to the kitchen sink or a dishwasher.

It plays the role of crushing the food wastes into finer particles before releasing the same to the drainage. In doing so, it prevents the drainage from clogging. At the same time, it makes the processes of handling food wastes faster and more fulfilling on the whole. Chances of encountering heavy hassles in the course of use are hence kept to the absolute minimum. This is not to mention smoother operations.

Of course, you badly need a dishwasher with a garbage disposal. Though costly and space-consuming, this accessory is on the whole very important to any household wherein it is installed.

We are going to look into some of the fringe benefits it brings to the household that opts to include it in its plumbing system.

21 Reasons You Need A Garbage Disposal In Your Home

1. Deals With Food Wastes Effectively

There is no other machine that deals with food waste better than garbage disposal. This is given the fact that it is primarily meant to do just that. It crushes the food wastes into finer particles. Thereafter, it lets them slip smoothly into the drainage. In this way, it prevents your drains from clogging.

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2. Safeguards Your Environment

The garbage disposal contributes to safeguarding your environment. It spares the environment from the wastes which would otherwise be thrown to a landfill. That is because it crushes the food particles in such a way as to allow for easy disposal and handling at a later date.

3. Protects Your Plumbing Mechanisms

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Other than safeguarding your environment, this apparatus also protects your home plumbing mechanism. This stems mainly from the fact that it shreds the food particles in such a way as to make them easily soluble in water. That way, they do not clog or disparage your mechanisms at all.

4. Expedites Cleanliness And Mess Removal

Garbage disposals help with cleanliness and mess removal. In particular, it spares you from the need to wrap leftovers and throw them anyhow. This, in turn, slows down the need for plastic bags and other storage items. Again, it goes a long way in diminishing the amount of money needed to handle food wastes.

5. Reduces Kitchen Disorders

Households that do not have the garbage disposals installed in them will often have to accumulate the food wastes for some time before disposing of the same. In the meantime, the wastes will often accrue unpleasant odors which have the tendency to interfere with the wee-being of the occupants.

6. Stifles The Proliferation Of Pests And Rodents

Pests and rodents love dirty, dark, and filthy environments. The food waste containers which are placed in the homes that lack the garbage disposals provide the best environments for their growth and proliferation. It hence goes that the installation of these disposals stifles their growth considerably.

7. Simpler Maintenance

Compared to other kitchen appliances and accessories, the garbage disposal is simpler to maintain and keep in good shape. That is because it contains fewer parts and components. Also, it only requires the use of baking soda and vinegar to handle and engage. The only condition is you should wash it at least weekly.

8. It Saves Time

All factors considered, the garbage disposal takes a shorter duration of time to cut the food wastes. It is indeed speedy and calls for minimal effort on your part too. This stands in sharp contrast with the other approaches which take too long to achieve a more or less similar end.

9. Cost-saving

Though costly to acquire and install, the garbage disposal itself is cheaper to run in the long run. A combination of factors makes this possible. For one, this machine uses less water to do the job. Then there is also the benefit of expending limited power to achieve the same end.

10. Limited Pipe Leaks

When whole food wastes are flushed down the drains, they tend to make the pipes burst too soon. That is because they overwhelm the systems in such a way as to exert excess pressure on the walls of the pipes. The garbage disposal will crush the wastes in finer particles and let them travel smoothly in the systems.

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11. Long-term Reliability

Though manufactured by different brands, garbage disposals are generally reliable in the long run. They are ordinarily tougher and endure the various elements of damages and deterioration.

Thanks to this arrangement, they tend to guarantee long-term reliability of service. They hence give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your kitchens.

12. Improved Home Hygiene

The combination of reduced kitchen odors, limited food wastes, fresh ambiance, and fewer rodents give rise to greatly improved home hygiene. A home that is hygienic has a couple of advantages. These include limited incidences of sicknesses, greater confidence, and improved living conditions. All these add up to more peace of mind while in use.

13. Reduced Carbon Emissions

When food is thrown in the landfill, it decomposes after some time. The garbage disposal crushes this food to prevent it from ending up in the landfill after some time. In hence follows that this machine contributes in a way of reducing carbon emissions. This is definitely good news for environmental activists.

14. Combats Air Pollution

After food is accumulated in the landfill, it is eventually burned to create more space for others. This produces black smoke which eventually pollutes the air.

The disposal system yet again indirectly contributes to combating air pollution. It cuts down the wastes that eventually ends up in the landfill to negate this very end.

15. Brings Down Garbage-Handling Expenses

Some expenses are naturally incurred in the course of handling food wastes and other associated garbage. Among these are the transport costs which are incurred in the process of ferrying the wastes from the home to the landfill. The garbage disposal does diminish this cost to make you better off.

16. Aids In Green Energy Production

Some municipalities have tapped into the food wastes as a way of churning out green energy. Here, they basically connect the garbage disposals from the homes in those regions. Then, they compile the food wastes which have already been crushed and convert the same to the biogas. This is definitely beneficial to the entire globe.

17. Production Of Fertilizers

The food wastes may also serve as fertilizers. This is a role they play mainly because they contain nutrients that are rich in Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Garbage disposals help with the productions of these fertilizers because they crush the food particles into smaller sizes and aid with harnessing the same.

18. Extra Income

Some companies these days also engage in the purchase and resale of food wastes. If you have it installed on your premise, you will position yourself in a place where you can now harvest sell the same for profit. This is a feat that is highly unlikely to be achieved elsewhere or by any other means.

19. Tax Breaks

Quite a number of states and municipalities that care for the environment do offer tax breaks to persons and households that make efforts towards the same.

One way of qualifying for such a tax break is through making deliberate attempts to harness the food wastes appropriately. It hence goes that a garbage disposal is one sure way of achieving this end.

20. Added Comfort

A kitchen that is safe, clean and fresh-smelling is definitely more comfortable to stay in. The garbage disposal is primarily the one that adds to the comfort of the kitchen. For this reason, it is a gadget you badly want to lay your hands on and make good use of.

21. Compliance With Legal Regimes

Some municipalities have gone a step further to make the installation of garbage disposals mandatory. They have enacted laws which are designed to compel the homeowners and property developers to fix these devices in their homes.

Your failure to incorporate the garbage disposal in your kitchen may hence attract certain penalties.


It is worthy to note that the garbage disposals are available in many shades and forms. You cannot pick any at random and enjoy the same degree of benefits or advantages. That is why we also ask that you be mindful of these variations as well. Spare some of your time to familiarize yourself with the various brands before proceeding.Still not sure how to go about the issue? Speak to us! We are dedicated to helping homeowners to make the most of their plumbing and home needs. If anything, we have assisted many before to arrive at more or less similar ends. We are always on standby to hear and receive any complaints from you and handle them appropriately.