Waste King Legend L-9940 Review. A 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal.

by Shawn Anderson | Last Updated:  June 13, 2020

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When you buy a garbage disposal, you don’t think of how glamorous it will be and if its color will fit your kitchen furniture or not.

You chose one model or the other after you have made your research and you are confident that you are buying an efficient product.

It doesn’t even matter if you cook every day and produce a lot of waste or you usually prefer the takeaway food, because a garbage disposal will be a wise acquisition in any case.

Waste King 9940 Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP

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Waste King has launched on the market different models efficient in any situation to help you grind into tiny particles any food waste you would have.

The Waste King Legend 9940 garbage disposal appeared as a necessity for the households where people cook a lot and was created to shred any type of leftovers such as banana or potato peels, nuts, bones or anything else you have included in your daily menu.

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1. Power & Grinding Performance

Usually the garbage disposals available on the market come with motors with powers ranging from ¼ horsepower up to 1+ HP. For a medium family where someone is cooking every day, a good option would be to have a garbage disposal with ¾ HP motor.

The Waste King Legend 9940 can be a good option as it displays a ¾ HP permanent magnet motor. On top of that, the motor delivers 2.800 RPM which is at the moment the biggest speed a garbage disposal from its class can have.

This means that you will not have to worry that your product will not be able to grind any type of food easily and quickly.

2. Materials

When you think that you will buy a garbage disposal that will be used daily for a medium to a high quantity of waste, you think that it has to be made of durable materials.

Waste King Legend 9940 is made of stainless steel which offers not only safety and stability, but it also prevents its components from being affected by corrosion and rust.

This is why you will find among the customers who have chosen this model, people who already use it for many years and they still have no problem with the product.

3. Noise Level

Waste King has invested hours and high budget in producing the Legend 9940 to be as quiet as possible. Customers usually don’t like to buy a product which is extremely noisy even though considering the motor and the type of work it has to do, the noise would be justified.

This garbage disposal is extremely silent and so you will be able to have a clear conversation on the phone or watch TV while the product is working.

4. Feed Type

The Waste King Legend 9940 garbage disposer can be added to the category “continuous feed”. This means that even if you have started the motor, you will be able to continue adding waste into the unit.

The grinding process will be quicker in comparison to the other category of garbage disposal, called “batch feed”.

It would be advisable to pay attention when you add new waste in order to prevent accidents like dropping jewelry inside or even worse, stick your fingers into it.

5. Installation Process

The installation process is extremely fast and easy and can be done without the professional help of a plumber.

You will find in the package clear instructions and you will finish installation in just a couple of minutes. The product comes together with a 3-bolt mounting system which will ease your job and you will be able to finish fast.

6. Size

This Waste King model was created with the following dimensions: 13 5/8 inches height, 8 5/8 inches width, and 8 5/8 inches depth.

In comparison to other products available on the market, it will not cause you much trouble in terms of the space occupied.

7. The Pros And Cons



8. Price

The Waste King Legend 9940 garbage disposal is definitely a high-end product, but with an affordable price.

You will be able to buy it at a fair price, which is extremely low in comparison to other garbage disposals that come equipped with a ¾ HP motor.

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9. Warranty Period

The Waste King Legend 9940 garbage disposal offers an amazingly long period of warranty, of 8 years which includes the in-home labors.

This is a proof that the company cares a lot about their customers and they want to offer high-end products which will last for lifetime.

10. Customer Satisfaction

At the quick analysis of the customers’ opinions, the Waste King Legend 9940 garbage disposal is very appreciated among the users. Most of the people who bought the product rated it with 4 and 5 stars which show that the product is very efficient.

Majority of users appreciated the fact that it is very quiet and mention that they couldn’t believe that they could watch TV while the food waste was being grinded. Some disbelievers even checked the chamber to make sure that the product really worked and were amazed by how powerful and efficient the motor is.

In addition, the users like the fact that they were able to install it very fast and appreciated the company’s seriousness in offering 8-years warranty.

On the other hand, the users who did not like too much the product claim that the water drainage is slowed down by the rubber drain cover. However, they mentioned that in time the rubber becomes less stiff and this problem will disappear. 

11. Conclusion

All in all, the West King Legend 9940 garbage disposal is definitely a good purchase being able to grind any type of food waste in larger quantities.

It comes at an affordable price, offering high-quality materials which offer safety while functioning and durability in time.

The noise level is incredibly low for a garbage disposal with such a powerful motor, so you will be able to watch TV without being necessary to raise the volume too much.

Furthermore, its fast and easy installation is another plus much appreciated by users and the fact that the producers offer an 8-year period warranty definitely catches most users.