InSinkErator Evolution Excel Review – The Beast Under Your Sink. Garbage Disposal With Continuous Feed.

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Whenever you have a bit of free time and especially if you are a man, you would most probably surf online for household devices that can make your life easier. One of the most common problems that occur in each kitchen is related to water, which often times, does not go down the sink’s drain.

In such cases, looking for a top garbage disposal that has to be efficient, of very high quality, and extremely easy to be installed is the best thing you can do.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

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On top of that, you will most certainly look for a product which will last for many years from now as you would not want this problem to happen too often. Because you would need a practical product, one good choice would be to opt for the InSinkErator Evolution Excel.

As the name says “Evolution Excel”, this garbage disposal is the result of years of research, guaranteeing the final result you are looking for: best grinding and less to no noise.

1. Design

At a quick analysis of the product’s design, it seems a bit larger than other products on the market which were created to be more space saving. But this is not necessarily a drawback as it compensates with many other features which you are going to discover later on.

In terms of weight, the InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal weighs 26 pounds. One other major plus of this product is given by the materials it is made of, more precisely stainless steel. Its dimensions are 9 inches width and 13 inches height. The manufacturers took into consideration that a garbage disposal will not necessarily be installed by a plumber.

Therefore, they made the product very easy to be installed by anyone, even by the clumsiest ones, by installing a Quick Lock system. On top of that, whenever you will use the unit, its vibration will be reduced by the sink collar baffle. However, this product comes also with an anti-vibration tailpipe.

2. Size & Power/Noise

InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal was designed to have an insulated motor which makes the product very quiet when you use it.

Practically, even if the product is working and liberates you from the stressful and uncomfortable situation of draining the waste from your sink, you can talk on the phone while you are in the kitchen or have a clear conversation with your family without being disturbed by the noise.

The SoundSeal Plus feature was designed to keep the product quiet while it is working and if you want to be 100% sure that it works you can check for real demonstrations online. The sink baffle system practically mutes the vibrations produced by the product.

3. Feed & Grinder

With the InSinkErator Evolution Excel, you will experience three stages of grind. What does it mean? Your waste will be first fragmentized and liquefied before it will pass the drain and then into the septic system.

This garbage disposal is able to sink any type of waste you would have, except for knives. Its power is so big that it can granulate into superfine particles any type of meat with bones or vegetables that usually block your sink.

The product comes with a jam sensor which was created with the main purpose of detecting whenever a jam is about to happen. If it identifies this potential problem, the motor will receive an alert from the sensor and the motor will change its direction and will be intensifying the torque in order to release the jam.

If you would think that all this process will create any noisy or evident alert, you do not have to worry because everything happens in the background.

4. Installation Process

When you prepare for installing this garbage disposal take first of all into consideration the fact that is heavier than other similar products on the market.

It might be possible that you will need an extra hand to help you mount the ring. In case you do not have another helping hand, it would be recommended to use some thick, stable books that will hold the product in place.

In addition, do not forget that before installation you will have to disable the drain plug when you want to connect it to the dishwasher. The overall installation process usually takes from one hour to two hours.

Also, when you receive the package, you will find inside all the parts necessary for installation.

5. What We Like/What We Don’t Like



6. Price

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal is considered to be a top model of its series. Some plumbers have named it as the “Mercedes Benz” of the garbage disposal products.

The price is rather high in comparison to other products. However, given its features and quality created by manufacturers, the price is totally justified.

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7. Warranty

The producers offer a 7-year warranty period and give assurance that the product is highly eco-friendly. This can be a big plus for this product, being one of the few on the market with such a long warranty period.

8. Customer Reviews

Most of the people who have bought and used the InSinkErator Evolution Excel disposal are satisfied by their purchase and they claim that the product is doing what it was meant to do. One of the most appreciated features is the fact that it is almost noiseless while running. On top of that, its three stages grinding and powerful motor is also much appreciated.

On the other side, there are some customers who have been totally unsatisfied with the product claiming that the price is too high for what this product can do, some even considering it too slow, even if the motor is very powerful.

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9. Conclusion

To put it in a nutshell, the InSinkErator Evolution Excel is definitely the type of garbage disposal that will not disappoint you. Being equipped with a very powerful motor with 3 stages of grinding, it will surely be able to help you in sinking any type of food without any additional efforts.

On top of that, it produces almost no noise and therefore you can use it even during the night without being disturbed. The price is balanced by the high-quality and durable materials used together with the jam sensor.

Therefore, the InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal is definitely a top-notch product that will become an indispensable unit for your home.