Waste King 9900TC Batch Feed Garbage Disposal Review

by Shawn Anderson | Last Updated:  June 13, 2020

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The Waste King L-9900TC garbage disposal was created for those who want to have more control when they are grinding their food waste and want to prevent accidents.

This garbage disposal is part of the batch-feed category which means that you cannot add more waste when the motor is working.

Waste King 9900TC Controlled Activation 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal with Safer Controlled Grinding, Power Cord Included

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You will not have to worry that your jewelry might slip and get destroyed while you add the food waste into the garbage disposal, or even worse, that your kids might harm their fingers for getting too close to the disposal while it is working.

On top of that, the L-9900 TC has another particularity given by the fact that it does not need any wall switch to be able to use it.

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1. Safety

The biggest characteristic that the L-9900TC has is the increased level of safety, giving you the opportunity to control it entirely. As its category says, batch feed garbage disposals mean that you will be able to grind the food in batches.

The grinding chamber will cover as soon as the motor starts working and so it means that there will be no room for any foreign products to fall into and get grinded while it is working.

According to the experts who have analyzed in detail the Waste King L-9900TC, this garbage disposal is the safest possible because you will be able to power on the product only after you have filled the grinding chamber and put the cover on.

2. Noise Level

The noise produced by the L-9900TC is at a decent level so you do not have to worry that your neighbors will be disturbed by your product while it is working. You will be able to talk on the phone after you have turned the unit on.

In comparison to other batch-feed garbage disposals, it created a bit more noise, but it is not something disturbing which will not be a deal-breaker in convincing you to buy it.

3. Power & Grind

The Waste King 9900TC garbage disposal comes equipped with a powerful ¾ horsepower motor being able to grind any type of waste. It delivers a 2700 RPM speed, meaning that you will be able to use this garbage disposal for any type of waste like banana peels or bones and you will not have to worry that the product will break down.

In case you accidentally load the grinding chamber too much, it has also a manual reset option. This means that in time you will be able to use the product for a higher period of time.

4. Durability

Waste ​​King pays an increased attention to the client’s needs and puts durability on top of their priorities. Its components are made of stainless steel.

This means that the product benefits from an increased level of durability, preventing it from being affected by corrosion and rust over time.

As a consequence, you will be able to enjoy using this product for a longer period of time and you will not be disappointed by the fact that it will start leaking due to the fact that it has become rusty or corrosive.

5. Installation Process

The installation process is extremely easy and it will not take you long. You will have to follow some simple steps when you want to install the product and thanks to the EZ-mounting system which is one of the easiest mounting systems for garbage disposals, everything will run smoothly without being necessary to call your plumber.

You will find all the necessary steps in the installation manual which is very clear.

6. Environmentally Friendly

The Waste King 9900TC garbage disposer was created to be environmentally friendly being equipped with a septic-safe properly sized for any type of septic tank.

On top of that, the removable splash guard is easier to be cleaned which means that you will be able to eliminate any odors which usually attract all types of insects and flies.

7. Size

The product’s dimensions are the following: 9.8 inches height, 9.8 inches width, and 17.5 inches depth, weighing in total 13 pounds and thus becoming a compact option for the kitchen where space saving is a priority.

8. The Pros And Cons



9. Price

In comparison to other batch-feed garbage disposals, this product is an affordable option. If you add that to its level of safety, then the investment is definitely something to go for.  

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10. Warranty Period

The warranty period offered by Waste King is of 10 years. This is considered a record on the garbage disposal market, Waste King being recognized for their care for the clients and increased receptiveness to their needs.

11. Customer Reviews

Most of the people who have used the product have rated it with 4 and 5 stars. They like how powerful the motor is and the speed it delivers, thus being able to grind any type of food waste like banana and potato peels or small bones.

A quite large number of clients appreciate the fact that it is very easy to be installed. Users like the fact that the components are made of stainless steel which means that it will be protected from corrosion and rust and thus ensuring a higher durability in time.

Last but not least, with a 10-year warranty period, clients are confident that the Waste King Company puts all the efforts to take care of its customers and deliver high-quality products.

On the other hand, there are some unsatisfied customers who don’t like the fact that the product is not so silent in comparison to other batch-feed garbage disposals on the market.

They consider that the batch-feed type of grinding slows down the grinding process. However, given the high safety level, all these minuses are left apart.

12. Conclusion

To conclude, the Waste King L-9900TC (see it on Amazon) is an excellent option for those who are looking for an extremely safe product.

Its motor of ¾ HP with 2700 RPM is powerful and fast enough to grind any type of waste such as banana peels or bones. In addition, the stainless steel materials used for producing this garbage disposal offer a higher degree of durability, protecting the product from rust and corrosion.

One other big advantage is given by the fact that it is very easy to be installed thanks to the EZ-Mounting system and the 10-year warranty period makes the difference from other garbage disposals available on the market right now.